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I love the camaraderie, challenge and variety of having two courses, and the exercise of walking our two beautiful courses. We have 2 fantastic fun loving ladies’ golf groups and our ladies can be members of both groups. ~ Canossa Sue
The staff are immediate friends, as they remembered me and my family from the first time we toured the facility. Members are friendly and in our initial weeks as members, we've been invited to a long list of different activities including bocce ball tournaments, golf groups, member dinners. This place has become our second home, and given this is a member owned club, it kind of is! ~Zach Walter
I cannot begin to state how this decision has enriched my life. When my children were young, time was spent at the pool; but lately the highlights have been involved with golf. I love playing team play as well as playing in the WGANC major tournaments and Open Days. I also enjoy the Tuesday play days and the Invitationals. Other Castlewood Members have become good friends and I enjoy playing cards celebrating birthdays and other special occasions with them. ~ Sue Erskine
I had never been a part of a country club, so I thought we joined for the golf. But I found that it’s become an extension of our home – we can spend time with friends and family participating in fun activities or just hanging out. It is and always will be a very special part of our lives. ~ Bridget Bisnette

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