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Welcome to The Club at Castlewood. Please be aware of the following guidelines for your visit to the Club. Whether you are visiting the Club for a round of golf or tennis, a private event or a special dinner with friends please adhere to our dress code.

Proper Attire Highlights

  • Golf Course and Practice Areas:
    • No denim, cargo shorts/pants with exterior seams, T-shirts, sweatpants or sweatshirts.
    • Golf shirts must be tucked in
    • Sleeveless shirts for women must have collars
    • Hats and visors must be worn forward facing
  • Tennis and Fitness Center:
    • Regulation tennis shoes are required, no black soled shoes
  • Restaurants:
    • Denim is acceptable, however cannot have rips, tears or discoloration
    • Golf and Tennis attire are permitted

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