The Hacienda

The rich history of La Hacienda Del Pozo De Verona, (House of the Wellhead of Verona) gives Castlewood Country Club a unique place in California history.


George Hearst was a wealthy miner, horse lover and influential Senator who purchased Castlewood's property in 1886. Enamored by the beauty of the Amador Valley, Hearst's wife, Phoebe Apperson-Hearst commissioned architect Julia Morgan to design a home for the Castlewood site in 1896. Julia Morgan gained international fame as the designer of Hearst Castle at San Simeon State Historical monument in the Santa Lucia Mountains. The Castlewood site was selected by Phoebe Hearst for climate, scenery, and accessibility. Castlewood Country Club benefits from this ideal spot - high above the Livermore Valley, protected by the hills from fog and wind... this is an ideal spot for pleasurable time at Castlewood Country Club.
La Hacienda Del Pozo De Verona was named after an ornamental wellhead found by Mrs. Hearst in Verona, Italy and brought here to lend beauty to the Hacienda's court. The fountain now graces a courtyard at Hearst Castle.
In 1924, a group of California businessmen bought the property. At that time the group christened the property to reflect the wooded hills and the castle-like appearance of the Hacienda. The group formed a country club and began construction of what is now the Hill course. The renowned golf architect, William P. Bell, designed the course that provides outstanding beauty, spectacular views and a formidable challenge.
The Valley course was completed in 1954 - a more traditional course that offers an enjoyable and distinctively different experience. An option to buy Castlewood was exercised by the members in 1961 to purchase the entire property, including the building, facilities and 224 acres of land, through proprietary memberships.
Sunday night, August 24, 1969, the entire town of Pleasanton was shocked as it watched a tragic fire destroy the original La Hacienda Del Pozo De Verona. Plans were initiated immediately to replace the building. Construction on a new Castlewood Clubhouse began in December 1970 and the present structure was dedicated on March 5, 1972. 


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The Hacienda

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