Castlewood Country Club is a 36-hole private facility, with two fun and challenging golf courses. 

  • Hill Course Tour
    • Course Overview

      Par 70
      6,219 Yards (Blue Tees)

        Men Women
        Rating Slope Rating Slope
        71.2 134
        69.9 130 77.0 136
        67.7 125 72.9 131
        66.5 123 71.4 127

      Hill Course - Hole 1

      Par 4/5

      Tee Information

      425 411 411 375
      Handicap (Men's/Ladies'): 3/14

      This beautiful, challenging, opening hole requires a long and accurate tee shot that finds both the fairway the bottom of the hill resulting in a level lie for the approach shot. The elevated green makes it difficult to get close to the flagstick. Par is a very good score on this hole.

  • Valley Course Tour
    • Course Overview

      Par 72
      6,678 Yards (Blue Tees)

        Men Women
        Rating Slope Rating Slope
        72.8 132
        71.5 128 76.8 137
        69.7 123 74.6 132
        68.1 120 72.4 126

      Valley Course - Hole 1

      Par 4/5

      Tee Information

      427 414 407 332
      Handicap (Men's/Ladies'): 3/14

      A long and challenging par 4, especially as a starting hole. An accurate tee shot is a must, favor the left side of the fairway for the best approach shot to the green but be careful of the large bunker over there.

      The putting surface has a gentle slope from back to front, so keep the ball below the hole for best putting. This is a green that a run up shot can be successfully played. A par would be a good score on this hole.

  • Valley Driving Range Photo Gallery

The Hill Course, opened in 1926, is a classic design by the famous William P. Bell, whose creations include Ojai, Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Newport Beach and Bel-Air Country Clubs. Wild drives or a sloppy short game will ruin your day on this challenging scenic layout. The course reaches from the Hill Clubhouse just below the Pleasanton Ridge and meanders around the hillside offering spectacular views of the valley below. Be sure your gaze of the scenery shifts to your ball on #17, the 210-yard (Blue Tee) par 3, one of the area's toughest holes. Here you must hit your shot precisely to hold the green.

The Valley Course is a challenge not because of the elevation changes but because of its length, topography and rapid greens. This more easily walked layout offers a combination of accessible fairways along with some shorter more challenging par 4's. Don't be fooled by the yardage of #3, the short 295-yard par 4. To the long hitters this hole might be reachable, but missing it could lead to disaster in the Arroyo. To par this hole requires a perfectly placed tee shot that allows a safe approach to the green.

Castlewood Country Club's Golf Staff coordinate a multitude of tournaments, season long and golf-centered events throughout the year for Men, Women and Junior players of all skill levels. Events include: Hit & Giggles, 9-hole and 18-hole Women's groups, Men's Invitational Tournament, and multiple Guest Day opportunities to bring friends and family.
Castlewood Country Club's Merit Scholarship Program offers young aspiring golfers the opportunity to play on two high quality championship courses. Click here to learn more.